Eat a few grains on weekdays to help your body prevent cancer

Eat a few grains on weekdays to help your body prevent cancer

People’s fear of cancer is self-evident, and its incurability makes people feel scared about it.

The International Health Organization and the International Association of the Elderly have conducted surveys on the dietary habits of long-lived elderly people. 50% of long-lived elderly people often eat miscellaneous grains and vegetarian food.

  The 88-year-old Chairman of the Chinese Society of Health Food Association Mr. Li Weizhen said: “I came from a farm, and I grew up with a coarse tea and rice. I have developed a peasant’s eating habits, which has been maintained to this day.

“Mung bean grains, which are often eaten to help prevent cancer, are a” big family “, such as millet, corn, buckwheat, black beans, broad beans, red beans, mung beans, and sweet potatoes. They are all nutrient-rich and complex home analyses.Compared with refined flour and rice, grains are more nutritious than grains. They contain a lot of nutritional ingredients for health and longevity and can help prevent cancer.

  The longevity “grain rice” admired by the Japanese is a rice made from a mixture of rice, millet (millet), red beans, wheat and soybeans.

The nutritional value of “grain rice” is much higher and longer than that of rice cooked with a single grain.

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