The more red the tomatoes are, the more ripe the cancer will be.

The more red the tomatoes are, the more ripe the cancer will be.


Plums can be sterilized. After so many years of eating, it is estimated that everyone may not know the secret like me. You must buy yogurt with “live bacteria”. Note that it is not the word “probiotics”.

  The redder and the more ripe the tomatoes are, the more cancer-resistant they are. First, the redder the tomatoes, the better, indicating that the more lycopene is.

In fact, processed tomatoes are better than fresh tomatoes because lycopene is more easily absorbed.

Studies have shown that supplements with lycopene can reduce cancers in the bladder, lungs, prostate, skin and stomach, as well as suffer from diseases, and cause delayed skin aging.

  Tomatoes are not only delicious, but also have a certain “medicinal effect”.

For example: Vitamin c can prevent colds, lycopene, has antioxidant effects and softens blood vessels.

  Tip: Do you like tomato scrambled eggs and tomato egg soup?

These two ways of eating are cooked once in a lifetime. What about eating at least more nutrients?

If tomatoes are cooked and eaten, they can increase the release of lycopene.

If you want to add vitamin c, eating it raw is a good choice.

Jianweixiaoshi, raw and cooked two, each to its best effect.

The tomato scrambled egg is a perfect match for nutrition, the perfect combination of high and low cholesterol, plant protein and animal protein.

But unripe green tomatoes are poisonous, so be careful!


Can plums sterilize?
The minerals copper and boron implanted in plums can prevent osteoporosis.

Plums also contain a supplementary fiber called inulin, which can destroy harmful bacteria, maintain a healthy acidic environment in the digestive tract, and promote calcium absorption.

  Buy yogurt with “active bacteria” The probiotics in yogurt can maintain health and strengthen the immune system, and help prevent cancer.

Not all yoghurts have “probiotics”. When buying, buy a variety that says “active bacteria” on the label.

  Walnut is the most comprehensive nutrient. Walnut contains more omega 3 fatty acids than salmon. Polyphenols that are resistant to fermentation are more abundant than red wine. Among them, the protein that can build muscle is half that of chicken.

Many nuts may only have one or two of these benefits, but only walnuts have both.

It is best to eat 7 walnuts a day.

  Black bean health research shows that people who eat 3 black beans a day can reduce the risk of heart attack by 38%.

Although other beans are also good for the heart, none of them is as good as black beans.

Because black bean pigment anthocyanins can enhance brain function.

Black beans also contain many star nutrients, certain proteins, healthy trace amounts, folic acid, magnesium, B vitamins, potassium, and fiber intake.

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