Teach you to use the right cleansing method


Teach you to use the right cleansing method

Failure to do a good job cleansing or improper cleansing methods will accelerate skin aging, and various skin problems will also come to your door. Therefore, the first step in skin care is very important.

Hurry up and learn how to clean your face properly and do your daily cleansing effortlessly.

  If you choose to wash your face with warm water, hot water will completely remove the protective film on the face, so after using hot water and soap to clean your face, your skin will feel particularly tight and uncomfortable.

In fact, even in the severe winter, you do n’t need to wash your face with hot water. You can use only cold water to wash away the dust on your arms. At the same time, you also exercise your facial blood vessels and nerves, sober and refreshed.

Washing your face with warm water is the best method, not only to ensure that the pores are fully opened, but the skin’s natural moisturizing oil will not be excessively lost.

  To choose a dry towel cleansing towels have good moisture absorption and water storage performance, so long wet towels are easy to breed various microorganisms, clean the face with a wet towel, oil on the skin, dust, impurities in water, bacteria in the air will be depositedOn the towel.

Especially for women with strong oil secretion, towels are more likely to be contaminated, causing skin injury and clogged pores.

Therefore, towels must always be kept clean and dry. After cleaning the face with hands, wipe with a dry towel, which is fast and hygienic.

  To choose a foaming cleanser If you use a cleansing product to wash away sebum and the natural moisturizers that retain moisture in the horny skin, the skin will feel tight.

Every cleansing is an important moisture exchange.

The rich and delicate foam can deeply clean the dirt on the skin of the pores, and its nourishing ingredient foam type facial cleanser can smoothly penetrate the nourishing ingredients into the deep pores.

  To choose a single cleansing milk, the purpose is to clean the skin, but too many functional ingredients will lead to incomplete cleansing of the skin, and too many functional ingredients will enter the pores without any protection of the skin.Give the skin a certain burden.

Therefore, we only need to choose a facial cleanser that has a thorough cleansing and moisturizing effect.

  Clean your face moderately. Do not think that the longer you clean your face, the more thorough it will be.

In fact, it only suffices to clean the skin in place within 30 seconds.

Excessive cleansing does not help the cleansing effect, it is a waste of time, and it is easy for the skin to lose too many nutrients, and destroy the normal sebaceous glands on the skin surface.

Even for oily skin, do not wash your face more than three times a day. Excessive cleaning may destroy the natural protective film formed on the surface of the skin, thereby stimulating the skin to secrete too much oil to protect itself, so that the face becomes more oily.

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