Symptoms of cardiac neurosis have some distinctive features

Symptoms of cardiac neurosis have some distinctive features

The emergence of cardiac neurosis affects the health of our heart. In fact, life believes that the probability of such a disease is relatively high, but because of some basic basic neurological allergiesSymptoms Know that there is a lack of concurrency of such diseases, and what are the main symptoms?

Four Symptoms of Cardiac Neurosis 1. Chest pain Chest pain is one of the most common clinical manifestations of patients with cardiac neurosis. It is also a symptom that is easily misdiagnosed as “angina pectoris”, but chest pain and angina pectoris of cardiac neurosis are notSimilarly, the symptoms of chest pain in cardiac hypersensitivity are: pain site: the painful part of cardiac neurosis often changes, often located at the tip of the heart and under the left breast, can also be manifested as simple chest pain, and even involving the entire chest and the back.But no matter where it is, it is not fixed.

Pain range: The pain range of cardiac neurosis is sometimes a little. The pain point can be clearly indicated by one finger, and the pain relief can be relieved after hand pressure; sometimes it is a large area of pain, and even a migratory pain.

Pain: The pain of cardiac hypersensitivity can be acupuncture or knife cut, chest tightness, dull pain, and even pain. The patient may be able to specifically describe the nature of the pain.

2, palpitations patients often feel flustered, especially after the mental stimulation is more obvious, sometimes feeling heart beats increased, heart rate faster, and even the feeling of the heart to jump out, but at this time do physical examination, the heart rate and rhythm are often normal.

Some people do have premature beats, and the feeling of palpitations is more pronounced.

3, pain The pain of cardiac neuromuscular disease generally has nothing to do with physical activity. If it is related to fatigue, it does not happen at the time of labor, but occurs at rest after a period of labor. Sometimes pain has a significant relationship with emotional changes.

4, duration of cardiac neurotoxicity pain duration can be long or short, short an instant, a few seconds to go, long can be hours or even days.

Tips: Do you have a clear understanding of the main symptoms of cardiac neurodegenerative diseases?

In the case of such a disease, there will be symptoms of palpitations, and symptoms that may cause pain, so once such diseases affect our lives, we must treat them in time!

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