[Nine and a half month baby recipe]_ September children _ how to eat

[Nine and a half month baby recipe]_ September children _ how to eat

When a child grows up to a certain stage, only breast milk or milk cannot provide the child with sufficient nutrients. Only by adding some complementary foods to the child can the baby’s nutritional balance be ensured and the baby’s healthy development.

So, what kind of food is suitable for a baby of nine and a half months?

In fact, soup, cabbage polenta, double pineapple soup, tomato vegetable porridge, tofu puree, egg yolk and other foods are all good choices.

1. Wash the white radish and cut into thin filaments. First fry in the pot, add water and salt.

After waiting for the water to boil, pour the flour into a bowl, add a small amount of cold water, and stir with chopsticks to make the flour into a knot.

: After the water, add the dumplings to the pot, stir the soup with a spoon to prevent the bottom of the paste, then add seaweed and green vegetables.

For a quick wok, add salt, chicken and some white pepper to taste.

2. Wash the cabbage with corn polenta, add boiling water, blanch, remove, and cut into pieces.

Stir the cornmeal into warm water with slurry, add minced cabbage and mix well.

Put the fire in the pot, pour boiling water, and then pour the corn syrup into the end of the cabbage. The fire can boil.

3, double pineapple soup will boil the water, add spinach and simmer until the cold water changes color, cut into steamed potatoes.

Spinach and potatoes in a blender.

In the pulp, add a small amount of water, dry the spinach pulp into a casserole, add the whipped cream adjusted to their favorite consistency, boil and season with salt, just before transferring to olive oil.

4. Tomato and vegetable porridge Wash tomatoes, onions, and cabbage, cut into small pieces, and cook in a pot.

Boil the vegetables and white rice with water and mix them into a paste with a blender.

Filter the residue and you can accept your baby.

5, tofu puree with hot water tofu, take an appropriate amount of soft tofu and squash, put into a bowl and feed.

Tofu is rich in nutrients and contains various trace elements necessary for the human body such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

It first contains sugar, vegetable oil, and is rich in high-quality protein, known as “vegetable meat”.

Tofu’s digestion and absorption rate is over 95%, which is very suitable for babies over 9 months.

6. Egg yolk Steam the eggs in a sterilizer, peel the eggs, and remove the yolks.

Crush the yolk with a spoon and add a little water to your baby.

Egg yolks are rich in protein, aunts and high-quality linoleic acid, which are essential nutrients for the growth of infant brain cells.

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