Prone to Dwarf’s Daily Habits

Prone to Dwarf’s Daily Habits

All parents want their children to have the ideal height.

In real life, there are such a group of children. Because the dwarves are first-class, they are often teased by their friends. They attract strange eyes on the road and let them live in the shadow of inferiority.

  The common bad lifestyle of “dwarfs” is worrying that modern bad lifestyles are leading to an increase in dwarf children.

  At the recent “Children’s Growth Disorders Treatment Summit Forum”, the reporter interviewed Professor Wang Wei, Director of Endocrinology, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Professor Liang Li, Director and Endocrinologist of Zhejiang Children’s Hospital, and Luo Feihong, Director of Endocrinology, Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Fudan Universityprofessor.

According to the three authoritative experts who study dwarf, in addition to genetic and disease factors, poor lifestyles such as insufficient sleep and severe nutritional imbalances have become important reasons for the increase in dwarf children.

Experts admit that rather than inheritance, these reasons should attract more attention from parents, and don’t ruin their children’s gradual happiness because of their neglect.

  Insufficient sleep This is an important cause of dysplasia and short stature.

The lack of good rest will severely inhibit the growth hormone secretion in children.

Liang Li introduced that at 10 pm, the child’s growth hormone secretion was the strongest, and today’s parents often extend the study time at night and change the child’s sleep time to improve their children’s academic performance.

In addition, lack of exercise is another important reason for the increase in dwarfism. Due to the expansion of learning pressure and computer networks, children’s exercise time is becoming less and less.

  Nutritional imbalance Children’s growth and development require various nutrients such as protein, trace amounts, glucose, etc.

More than 80% of children have severe imbalances in nutritional intake.

The most ingested foods in a day are fried foods, hamburgers, and other foods that are rich in sugar or high in transfer, and there are very few opportunities to eat whole grains.

The imbalance of diet structure will inevitably lead to insufficient supplementation of calcium, iron, zinc and other nutrients that promote children’s growth and development.

Over time, the child will appear short, stunted, etc.

  The chaos supplement survey also found that 97% of parents of short children realized that their children were short, but only 1.

6% of parents believe that this may be caused by certain diseases.

Most beloved parents take the approach of having their children take health supplements supplemented with various trace elements.

Some parents even ask their children to drink protein powder as a drink or to eat various health products as snacks.

Wang Wei pointed out that this will not help the child’s height, but will harm the child’s immature kidney.

Excessive use of calcium can affect bone development; excessive zinc supplementation can cause precocious puberty in children; excessive iron supplementation can cause diarrhea; long-term use of cod liver oil can cause chronic poisoning; royal jelly may cause endocrine disorders, precocious puberty, and even obesity.

  Sixty percent of dwarf children have psychological hazards. Dwarf children often suffer from ridicule and trickery, which makes them introverted, autistic, and even depressed.

The press conference also announced the latest results of “the impact of abnormal growth and development on children’s mental health”. The findings showed that short children even have physical problems (length is not high), and generally cause psychological and psychological effects,Nearly 60% of dwarf children have experienced various levels of psychological hazards, such as introverted personality, more serious emotions, poor communication, and social withdrawal.

  If the treatment of dwarf is to achieve a very satisfactory effect, it must last for several years, and it requires daily injection of growth hormone. Clinical trials have shown that children with dwarf who use hormones have an average height increase of 6 in the first year.


1 cm, the average growth rate exceeded 7 before treatment.

7 cm, and it is safe and does not harm the human body.

However, injecting growth hormone every day for many children is really terrifying and painful.

  ”In my patients, too many children missed or even refused injections due to needle phobia. As a result, the parents spent a lot of money and resources, and the children still did not grow taller.

Professor Wang Wei said, “Children’s compliance is too important in the treatment. Now the expansion of needle-free syringes can achieve painless treatment, avoid needle phobia, and children can easily accept it, which will improve the efficacy.Has a very important role.

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