Enough exercise to make you healthier

Enough exercise to make you healthier


Why pay attention to the habit of exercise helps strengthen the body’s resistance and ensure strong bones.

You can also control your weight through exercise, which is also good for mental and social health.

Research indicates that small amounts of exercise have improved your health.

You only need to exercise for 30 minutes a day to improve your cardiopulmonary function and blood circulation, and reduce your chance of developing high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke and diabetes in the future.

  Health Alert Lack of exercise may cause some physical problems, including high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, colon cancer and premature death.


How to achieve better opportunities for more exercise Doing more exercise does not mean hard physical work. You can increase your chances of activity in your daily life by the following methods: * Part of walking to work when feasible.

  * Instead of taking the elevator or escalator, climb the stairs.

  * If you often work on your desk, stand up and take a few steps from time to time.

  * Use lunch time to walk at a brisk pace for 10 minutes.

  * While working at the computer, twist shoulder fractures and fractures from time to time.

  * Pacing back and forth while listening to the phone.

  * Avoid using remote control while watching TV, and you should stand to squeeze your muscles when playing advertisements.

  * Increase the number of vacuuming or scrubbing.

  * Play ball games or hide and seek with your children.

  * Take part in outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, field games or outings during holidays.

  Health Tip: You don’t actually need to do it for a long time, you can do it in stages.

To achieve health benefits, each exercise should last at least 10 minutes.

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