Dancing the body to relieve stress

Dancing the body to relieve stress

With the ability and economic strength, modern women have learned to treat themselves in the morning!

Today, International Women’s Day on March 8 is not just a festival that respects women’s rights, it has also become a carnival where women love themselves.

Take off the complicated professional suit, remove the thick foundation of shells, and enjoy a pure and natural health experience.

  It’s up to you today!

  Use yoga to reduce your physical stress when you can’t eat normally due to overtime work; when you feel dizzy in front of your computer for a long time, it means that you are on the verge of health.

We should use exercise to decompress ourselves.

  For white-collar workers over the age of 30 who are nervous and inactive, if you do not have any exercise habits, I suggest you join the yoga ranks this year.

It is necessary to remind here that when practicing yoga, you are best to learn with a professional yoga teacher when you start, so as to avoid being harmed by improper methods.

By exercising the flexibility of the human body, yoga returns to the most natural state and regulates internal functions.

Every time you practice, the body is stretched and the stress in your heart is released at the same time.

Only when people are at peace and contented will they become more sensitive to good things.

  If you are a woman who is very dedicated to work and work, and often feels stressed and upset, then yoga will make a whole new change in your physical and mental condition.

After a period of exercise from the inside out, inside and out, you will find yourself confident and happy.

The peace that yoga brings to people can change people’s concept of dealing with people, and they are no longer upset by people or things that are not pleasing to the eye, as they used to be.


.  Before participating in fitness exercises, each female friend should first undergo a fitness test by a fitness instructor. Based on this, the coach will make a reasonable and effective plan for you, including the amount of exercise, sports, exercise time and diet arrangements.Wait, this will make the best effect of your exercise.

At present, mid-grade fitness clubs have annual cards of more than 2,000 yuan each, and high-end fitness clubs have annual cards of more than 6,000 yuan.

  If you want to lose weight, keep in mind that the “aerobic” figure is very important for modern female friends.

Beautiful clothes naturally have a proud figure to interpret.

In order to pay attention to every female reader, we specially invite Ms. Zeng Lu, senior coach of Li Meijian, to answer the confusions and necessary knowledge of various sports for female friends.

  Reporter: Why are many women experiencing partial overdose now?

  Zeng Lu: Mainly due to the usual lack of exercise.

  Reporter: If you want to lose weight, what kind of fitness program should you choose?

  Zeng Lu: At present, yoga and Latin are more popular. Each girl can choose the sport that suits her according to her physical condition.

  Reporter: How much exercise does a woman need in a week?

  Zeng Lu: If you want to lose weight, usually three to four times a week, more than two hours each time.

  Reporter: Do you need to strengthen diet control while exercising?

  Zeng Lu: Yes, you need to properly control your diet. You can usually eat lighter.

  Reporter: Can cardiovascular exercise play a role in weight loss?

  Zeng Lu: If we want to lose weight, the most effective is to accelerate aerobic exercise, such as jogging.

Short-term exercise does not help us lose weight well.

  Reporter: How long does it take to warm up before the sport officially starts?

  Zeng Lu: Generally, when you feel that your body is warming up, it means that the warm-up exercise is almost done.

Running is a good warm-up exercise.

  Reporter: Can I add a lot of water immediately after exercise?
  Zeng Lu: We should not add a lot of water immediately after exercise. It is generally recommended to add a small amount of water at the same time as exercise, which is more beneficial to health.
  Reporter: Why do some people exercise, but the effect is still not obvious?

  Zeng Lu: There are generally two possibilities.

The first is to exercise without following the coach’s instructions, which will certainly not achieve the expected results; the second is that the diet is not well controlled.

After doing some exercises, some scholars eat supplementary high-conversion food, which will definitely affect the effect of exercise.

  The most fashionable facial exercise method of beautiful little secret recipes Every woman yearns for a young, flexible and non-slack face.

However, as long as the earth has gravity, skin will inevitably experience sagging with age.

In addition to supplementing your active ingredients, you must also pay attention to tightening the lines on your face.

Next, I will introduce the modern facial exercise method of face qigong improved from ancient China.

As long as once a day, morning and evening, you can feel the effect for a week!

  I. Indication of Chin Exercise: Double Chin 1.

Close your mouth and move your chin to the right as far as it will go.


Move up the same.

Make a total of eight groups for each group.

  Second, teeth-gauze Indications: recovery of overlap and double chin 1.

Open your mouth slowly as far as it will go, and then stop for ten seconds.


Just close your mouth and bite the molar firmly, then stop for ten seconds without force.

The above set of actions is repeated eight times.

  Third, tongue exercise Indications: Chin and intention lines 1.

While pressing the chin with your fingertips, press hard on the tip of your tongue to try to expose your tongue.


Just move the tongue to the left and down, and if the muscles of the mouth harden at this time, it is fine.


Start rotating to the right.

One rotation is a set of actions, and this is repeated eight times.

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