Complete beauty guide this summer 16 Q & A


Complete beauty guide this summer 16 Q & A


Sleeping in an air-conditioned room all night, the face is very dry in the morning and it is difficult to apply makeup. Is there any way to make the foundation stick?

     Mixing the water-based cream with the foundation can increase the moisture of the foundation.

When applying the foundation, you can apply a small amount of mineral water to the foundation, which will make the foundation easier to push away and help the foundation stick to the skin.


The weather suddenly does not want to apply thick foundation. Is there a way to make the macro uniform?

  You can use a sunscreen moisture day cream with a pearl color, such as DiorSnowPureUVWhiteningUVControlBase, which has lavender, white and beige colors, adjusts and spots, and has SPF35 sun protection.


Go to the beauty salon for lunch during lunch. What a surprise, because the needle clears the red mark on the surface, and there is an important demonstration in the afternoon!

  If you have the same situation next time, you should first notice the beautician and recommend not to do needle clearing or even squeeze acne.

To remove the red mark, first calm the skin, apply a thin layer of NarsHydratingFresheningLotion on the surface, and then apply ettusaisAcneConcealer to the red area to inhibit the bacteria and modify the red mark.


A method to speed up dark circles.

  Accelerated concealing methods can be used to treat the symptoms. Concealing products are generally divided into three types: cream, strip and water. For dark circles, you should use a creamy concealer that is stable to eliminate.; The water is too thin and can only be used to cover pores or uneven skin tone.)

A small amount of concealer from BobbiBrownConcealerKit is soft and easy to push away on the skin. Finally, the powder powder in the set is applied on the surface sweep. The whole process does not take 5 minutes.

Finally, keep in mind that it is not possible to maintain makeup all day, and you should always make up.


After the acne has healed, a dent mark is left. How can I quickly remove the blemishes with makeup?

  The dent marks on the skin form a shadow, which makes the skin color uneven. You can use a concealer that is lighter than the skin color on the thick spots of the dents to lighten the shadow. Then use the finger pads to print the same concealer.paste.

If the problem is serious, it is recommended to use a foundation with a light reflection effect on the face, such as the blue SofinaRayciousColorMagic, and then perform concealing and powdering steps for a more even skin tone.


Facial oiling in the summer, how to make up makeup can avoid too thick foundation?

  Oil on the skin indicates that the skin is fragile and dehydrated, and the skin automatically secretes a large amount of oil.

The oil content should be printed with a paper towel first, and sprayed with a water spray to replenish moisture, such as CliniqueMoistureSurge or rose water, which can balance oil secretion in real time.

Then use the dry powder to print the whole face. If the foundation sticks into a ball and does not stick, you can push the foundation with the wet powder.


There is a lot of crust in the nail margin. Can I use other skin care products instead of soft skin cream?

  Soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes, and apply a hand cream to the nail edge after drying. Massage for 5 minutes to soften the dead skin.

Vitamin E capsule oil can also be used to further soften dead skin.

ShiseidoNailEsthelist contains botanical essence oil to strengthen and moisturize nails.


Go out in a hurry and just apply toenails, but it gets worn out when I wear shoes. Should I add an extra layer of color?

  Nail polish is scratched. In addition to applying a layer of the same color nail polish directly, you can use glitter nail polish instead to let the glitter particles cover the flaws.

Add a bit of creativity and draw a simple pattern of 2-3 lines on the trace with a bright nail color, and the flaws will disappear.


The nails are pitted and it is difficult to make the nail polish uniform. Should the nail surface be smoothed?

  Cramps on the nails are mostly caused by injury to the nail bed or lack of zinc.

If you use a file to polish the nail surface, it is easy to break the nail and infect the bacteria.
CandyWong, the general manager of TenPerfectNails, suggested using a pit filler as a base oil before applying nail polish to smooth the nail surface in real time.
In addition, use nail oil massage 2-3 times a week on a regular basis, a few times per nail massage, the nail surface will return to smooth.


Recently, nails have become yellow, which affects nail color. How to avoid deviation of nail color?

  The most thorough method is to receive a polishing treatment to remove the yellowed nail surface.

If time is short, use a base oil that is specifically designed to remove yellow gas and milky white. You can also change the nail color or replace the dark nail polish.


Nail polish is always difficult to dry. Is it too thick?

  Nail Bar’s manicurist recommends applying a maximum of 2 coats of nail polish, which is too thick to dry out. Quick-drying oil can be used at this time.

Apply the topcoat with quick-drying effect. After about 3 minutes, immerse your hands in cold water for 1 minute, it can accelerate the setting of nail polish.


After taking a meal, I started to breathe, but I didn’t have gum. What should I do?

  Rinse mouth with water and milk can neutralize acidity in the mouth and reduce odor.

However, it should be noted that if the problem often occurs, you should reduce coffee and acidic foods, and check your teeth to see if there is any damage to your teeth.


Soon after washing the teeth, stains appear in the teeth again. Is there a cleaning method instead of washing the teeth?

  You can use whitening toothpaste in the morning and evening. For example, Crest Whitestrips can penetrate into the tooth enamel and gradually whiten the teeth through oxidation. Each time 30 minutes, the teeth start to whiten after 3 days. The effect is best for 7 consecutive days.


After hair removal, I felt a slight tingling under my arm, but I asked my friend to swim. Is there a quick relief method?

  General skin creams contain lecithin or acidic fragrances, which can easily cause irritation. Therefore, they are milder and calming hair removal products.

Sothys is an intensive treatment after hair removal, containing moisturizing ingredients such as vegetable shark thinner and glycerin, soothes sensitive skin after hair removal and reduces hair regeneration.


In a hurry to go out, what is the fastest way to remove hair without damaging the skin?

  Hair removal cream is one of the most convenient and easy to use hair removal methods. It takes about 5-10 minutes and the effect is smoother than a razor.

However, depilatory creams may contain chemical ingredients that may cause sensitization.

5-10 minutes 16.

The weather is steep, and at noon, my hair will become curled and messy due to humidity. Is there any way to solve it?

  To avoid the effects of humidity in the air on hair, Aveda Hair Color Pureprofessional’s training consultant Lupe Voss advises: “Aveda Anti-Humectant Pomade contains vegetable oils, which can isolate the moisture in the air and prevent hair from curling.

“On days with special inclinations, blow out the roots with a hairdryer before going out to help evaporate moisture.

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